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  1. X. G. Kondakis,
  2. N. Pournaras
  1. Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Athens University


    The prevalence of byssinosis in a sample of cotton ginnery workers in Greece was investigated. The respiratory symptoms, F.E.V.1·0, and V.C. of 70 male ginnery workers were recorded. No case of clinical byssinosis was found, but a statistically significant relationship exists between years of exposure to cotton dust and impairment of lung function. On the contrary no significant relationship exists between smoking and lung function, or between sputum production and lung function. The findings suggest the hypothesis that the cotton dust may exert, in the case of a prolonged exposure, a chronic deleterious action without producing the typical symptoms of clinical byssinosis.

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    • * Thanks are due to the Royal Institute of Research (Greece) for financial assistance towards part of the cost of this survey.