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Stannosis in Hearth Tinners
  1. C. W. D. Cole,
  2. J. V. S. A. Davies,
  3. M. D. Kipling,
  4. G. L. Ritchie
  1. Heath Lane Hospital and Hallam Hospital, West Bromwich
  2. H.M. Inspector of Factories


    There have been no published reports of stannosis in tinners. In this paper its occurrence in hearth tinners is described.

    In hearth tinning molten tin is poured into heated iron hollow-ware and smoothed over the internal surface with a cork bat. Ammonium chloride powder is used as a flux. It is considered that fumes arising in the process from the reaction of the flux and the tin caused a concentration of tin compounds in the atmosphere, and this was the mechanism by which stannosis was produced.

    The literature on stannosis and tinning is reviewed.

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