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Changes in Activities of Respiratory Enzymes in Lungs of Guinea-pigs Exposed to Silica Dust: III. Progressive Effect on the Succinate Oxidase System of Dust Contained in the Lung after Cessation of Dust Inhalation
  1. T. A. Kilroe-Smith,
  2. Maria G. Breyer,
  3. H. Prinsloo
  1. Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines Biological and Chemical Research Laboratory, Johannesburg, South Africa


    Previous studies have shown the relation between enzymatic activities in the succinate oxidase system including succinate dehydrogenase, and the early changes in the lungs of guinea-pigs exposed to the inhalation of quartz dust.

    We have now investigated whether the increase of enzyme activity depends on maintaining the dust inhalation or not.

    Animals exposed to the inhalation of quartz dust for a short period of 28 days, sufficient to produce only small changes in the specific activities of the enzymes, and then removed from the dusty atmosphere for a further period of 113 days showed increases of the same order as animals which remained in the dusty atmosphere for a period of 133 days and were then taken out of this atmosphere for eight days. These increases of enzymatic specific activities are paralleled by increases in lung weight. Hence, in this respect also, the increases in activity of the enzymes follow the same pattern as the fibrogenesis.

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