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Changes in Activities of Respiratory Enzymes in Lungs of Guinea-Pigs Exposed to Silica Dust
  1. T. A. Kilroe-Smith,
  2. Maria G. Breyer
  1. Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines Biological and Chemical Research Laboratory, Johannesburg, S. Africa


    Changes in enzyme activity due to in vivo dusting with quartz were investigated in guinea-pig lungs before the formation of collagen. Of the three enzymes investigated, succindehydrogenase and succinoxidase are increased, and cytochrome c oxidase is not affected by inhalation of quartz dust. The increases tend to reach a maximum which is more rapidly approached by succindehydrogenase than by succinoxidase. The results are discussed in relation to results obtained by other workers on the in vitro effects of silicon compounds. The lung weight increased markedly with increased period of inhalation of dust. This increase is discussed in relation to fat and ash content.

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    • * A preliminary report has been made covering some of the material presented in this paper (Kilroe-Smith and Breyer, 1960).