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A Study of Acrylonitrile Poisoning in Relation to Methaemoglobin-CN Complex Formation
  1. Ladislaus Magos
  1. State Institute of Occupational Medicine, Department of Industrial Hygiene, Budapest, Hungary


    Observations are recorded on methaemoglobin-CN complex formation in rats poisoned with acrylonitrile, potassium cyanide, and acetone cyanohydrin. For information on methaemoglobin-CN formation, the methaemoglobin level was increased by sodium nitrite.

    The results show that the rate of methaemoglobin-CN formation in rats killed by acrylonitrile is lower than in animals surviving potassium cyanide or acetone cyanohydrin poisoning, and much lower than in animals killed by potassium cyanide. These findings indicate that the toxicity of acrylonitrile cannot be solely due to the liberation of cyanide.

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