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Serum Proteins and Serum Glycoproteins in the Differential Diagnosis of Silicosis and Silico-tuberculosis
  1. H. Oyanguren,
  2. R. Silva,
  3. A. Rosenkranz,
  4. J. Isa
  1. Occupational Health Section, National Health Service, Santiago, Chile
  2. The Biochemistry Laboratory of the Extraordinary Chair of Introduction to Medicine, National Health Service, Santiago, Chile


    The serum proteins and glycoproteins in 73 males were investigated with the object of deciding which tests differentiated most clearly between “pure” silicosis and silico-tuberculosis. None of the tests was entirely satisfactory as, although significant differences between the averages for the various groups were found, the scatter of the individual results was so wide that the tests were not considered useful in individual cases.

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