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Poisoning by Ethyl Mercury Toluene Sulphonanilide
  1. M. A. Jalili,
  2. A. H. Abbasi
  1. Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq


    Poisoning by a fungicide used for seed-borne diseases of cereals, ethyl mercury p-toluene sulphonanilide (Granoson M, Dupont), is described. It affected a large number of farmers and their families who used the dressed seed in the preparation of home-made bread. Many systems were involved, including the kidneys, the gastro-intestinal tract, the skin, the heart, and the muscles, but involvement of the nervous system was the most constant with disturbance of speech, cerebellar ataxia, and spasticity. Mental abnormalities were occasionally observed. Many patients died. The changes in the electrocardiograms are described and illustrated. The importance of effective measures for prevention and the need for further studies of treatment are stressed.

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