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Sickness Absence of Women Bus Conductors in London Transport (1953-1957)
  1. C. J. Cornwall,
  2. P. A. B. Raffle
  1. London Transport Executive


    The sickness-absence experience of women bus conductors employed by London Transport on their central (red) buses is analysed for the years 1953 to 1957 inclusive. The experience of single and married women is given separately, and only absences lasting four days or more (all of which are supported by medical certificate) are included. Results are given in quinquennial age groups for each of 20 broad diagnostic groups and comment is made on each group, emphasis being placed on the comparative experiences of single and married women. Both the numbers of spells of absence and the numbers of days of absence are considered. It is found generally that married women conductors have considerably more sickness absence than single women conductors of the same age: this applies both to spells and days of absence. Analysis of the difference by diagnostic group suggests that there is a propensity, of social origin, for married women to have more absences.

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