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Erosion of the Teeth Due to Sulphuric Acid in the Battery Industry
  1. D. Malcolm,
  2. E. Paul
  1. Chloride Batteries Limited


    This paper examines the effects of sulphuric acid on the teeth of workers in the storage battery industry. The manufacturing processes are described. A statistical analysis is given of the findings in a group of workers exposed to acid and an unexposed control group.

    It is found that only men exposed to acid mist display erosion of the incisor teeth and that the degree of erosion is classifiable into four groups. The clinical picture of each group is described. There is progressive destruction of the tooth crown from direct impingement of acid droplets. Advanced cases show almost complete loss of crown. Erosion ceases when lip level is reached. The erosion process is painless.

    The factors influencing the degree of erosion are investigated. These seem to be: length of exposure, lip level, and concentration of acid in the air.

    The differential diagnosis from other causes of tooth destruction is given. The findings of other workers in the field are compared.

    Several methods of prevention are discussed.

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