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The Causes of Death in Iron and Steel Workers (Non-foundry)
  1. A. I. G. McLaughlin,
  2. H. E. Harding
  1. Department for Research in Industrial Medicine (Medical Research Council), London Hospital
  2. The Pathology Department, Salisbury General Hospital


    Few studies have been made of the pathology associated with the iron and steel trades other than foundries. We review here the clinical, occupational, and pathological (post-mortem) findings in 10 grinders and 16 other non-foundry workers in iron and steel. Grinding is evidently a less dangerous trade than it was 100 or even 50 years ago, but silicosis and/or mixed dust fibrosis is still found amongst them. The risk of the onset of pneumoconiosis in other workers in these trades is small, but not absent.

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