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Diffuse Pleural Mesothelioma and Asbestos Exposure in the North Western Cape Province
  1. J. C. Wagner,
  2. C. A. Sleggs,
  3. Paul Marchand
  1. Pathology Division, Pneumoconiosis Research Unit of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Johannesburg, West End Hospital, Kimberley
  2. The Department of Thoracic Surgery, University of the Witwatersrand and Johannesburg General Hospital


    Primary malignant tumours of the pleura are uncommon. Thirty-three cases (22 males, 11 females, ages 31 to 68) of diffuse pleural mesothelioma are described; all but one have a probable exposure to crocidolite asbestos (Cape blue). In a majority this exposure was in the Asbestos Hills which lie to the west of Kimberley in the north west of Cape Province. The tumour is rarely seen elsewhere in South Africa.

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