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The Assessment of Electroencephalographic Changes and Memory Disturbances in Acute Intoxications with Industrial Poisons
  1. B. Chalupa,
  2. J. Synková,
  3. M. Ševčík
  1. Clinic of Occupational Diseases and The Psychiatric Clinic, Brno, Czechoslovakia


    A report is given of the results of the electroencephalogram (EEG) and of an experimental memory examination in a group of 22 cases of acute carbon monoxide and solvents poisoning of varying severity. An abnormal EEG recording, most often in the form of theta activity 5-6 sec., was found in 12 patients; memory disturbances were found in 13 cases. There was correlation between the results of the two examinations as well as with the clinical classification of the degree of intoxication. The methods are suitable for the solving of various theoretical and practical questions in industrial toxicology.

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