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A Simplified Method for the Estimation of Nickel in Urine
  1. J. Gwynne Morgan
  1. Mond Nickel Company Ltd., Clydach, Swansea


    A simplification of Sandell's method for estimating nickel in urine is described. Nickel is a normal constituent of most articles of food and between 0·01 and 0·03 p.p.m. are found in normal urine. There is a slight increase of urinary nickel in workers engaged in the carbonyl process. After accidental inhalation of nickel carbonyl, urinary nickel increased in a few hours and reached a maximum about the fourth day, returning to normal in 10 to 14 days. Although an increase of urinary nickel gives an indication of nickel carbonyl absorption, clinical signs and symptoms remain the best guide of the severity of poisoning.

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