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Sickness Absence Among Railway Clerical Staff
  1. Derek S. Pugh,
  2. Cecil Gordon,
  3. Katherine Lévy
  1. Department of Public Health and Social Medicine, Usher Institute, Edinburgh


    This paper examines in detail the sickness absence experience within one well-defined railway occupation, identified in a previous paper for further study, namely clerks. The clerks consist of three hierarchical grades. The differences between them are described. The measures of sickness absence are identical with those of the previous communication. A gradient of sickness experience between the three grades is demonstrated. This occurs in inverse relation to the amount of responsibility associated with the posts. The gradient is accounted for by a small number of diagnostic categories. The implication of this is discussed. Comparisons are made with a similar population in London Transport and the results discussed. It is concluded that psychological factors might provide some explanation of the striking differences in sickness experience operating within one sub-class of the Registrar General's classification (IIIc) and within a limited salary scale.

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