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The Toxicity of Epichlorhydrin Vapour
  1. J. C. Gage
  1. Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, Industrial Hygiene Research Laboratories


    A versatile apparatus is described for exposing experimental animals to predetermined concentrations of toxic substances in air, and it has been used to study the vapour toxicity of epichlorhydrin to rats and rabbits. At concentrations above 100 p.p.m. the vapour produces lung oedema and damage to the renal cortical tubules in rats, while above 50 p.p.m. it produces marked nasal irritation. Nasal irritation is still present in rats and rabbits below 50 p.p.m. and is only absent below 10 p.p.m. It is recommended that the concentration in industrial atmospheres should not exceed 5 p.p.m.

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