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In reply to: “Should we consider renaming ‘Mesoamerican Nephropathy’ as Nephropathy of Unknown Cause in Agricultural Labourers (NUCAL)?”
  1. Ramón García-Trabanino1,2,
  2. Kristina Jakobsson3,
  3. Carolina Guzmán Quilo4,
  4. Daniel R Brooks5,
  5. Jennifer Crowe6,
  6. Joaquín Barnoya7,8,
  7. Magdalena Madero9,
  8. Marvin González Quiroz10,11,
  9. Catharina Wesseling12,
  10. David H Wegman13,
  11. Ricardo Correa-Rotter14
  1. 1Centro de Hemodiálisis, San Salvador, El Salvador
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  1. Correspondence to Dr Ramón García-Trabanino, Calle Gabriela Mistral 211, 1101, San Salvador, El Salvador; rgt{at}

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We, from the Consortium on the Epidemic of Nephropathy in Central America and Mexico (CENCAM), read with interest Drs Subramanian and Javaid's letter,1 regarding Mesoamerican Nephropathy (MeN), a name assigned to a type of chronic kidney disease (CKD) not related to classic risk factors and also referred to as CKD of unknown (CKDu) or non-traditional causes. MeN is highly prevalent in Central America and a major health problem.2

We agree with the authors that it is important to focus attention on the occupational component of this disease, …

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