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Integrated health impact assessment of cycling
  1. Audrey de Nazelle*,
  2. Mark Nieuwenhuijsen
  1. Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL), Spain
  1. Correspondence to: Audrey de Nazelle, CREAL, /Doctor Aiguader, 88, /Barcelona, /08003, Spain; anazelle{at}


After years of decline in usage and image in the Western world from the 1950s on, the bicycle is now emerging as a centre of interest for many researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and advocacy groups in the health and environmental fields. The proportion of journeys taken by bicycle still varies greatly, from around 1-2% in the US up to 30% in the Netherlands. In the past decade, bicycle-promotion policies have begun to flourish in Europe and North America, with in particular the highly popular city bike sharing programs as in Paris, London or Barcelona.

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