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S04-1 The combat veteran paradox
  1. Carl A Castro
  1. Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Military Families (CIR), USA


A paradox is statement that appears to contradict itself yet might be true. For instance, soldiers may hold many thoughts and emotions simultaneously that appear contradictory. Soldiers often report being happy and angry, confident and vulnerable, and excited and exhausted, for example, all at the same time. While the root causes of paradoxes are not always known, in many cases the origins of paradoxes observed in military veterans can be traced back to their combat experiences. And as combat veterans transition from military service back to civilian life these combat-related paradoxes can interfere with a successful transition, particularly in the area of the formation of meaningful relationships, with themselves, their partners, their work colleagues and supervisor, and their community. In this paper, we will describe the findings from several surveys of veterans who recently transitioned from the military service back to their civilian communities that support many of these paradoxes resulting from military serve.

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