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P217 Knowledge, attitude and performance evaluation related to health, safety and environment management system
  1. Mahmoud Heidari,
  2. Maryam Rafieiemam
  1. Department of Occupational Health Engineering, School of Health, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran


HSE management system is an effective way with depend of that we can provide a situation that all of workplace hazards and risks can be identified, assessed and controlled then workplace health, safety and environment of contractors and subcontractors and also personnel, consultant, visitors, customers and assets can be guaranteed. This study with general idea for determination of knowledge, attitude and performance between some of Iranian oil managers related to HSE management system and its application was performed. In this descriptive and cross sectional study a standard questionnaire with three criteria and total 50 item was prepared and knowledge, attitude and performance of managers regards to HSE related issues and requirements for 71 Iranian oil managers was investigated. The results demonstrated that the score for knowledge and attitude obtained 39.76 and 45.75, respectively. The 74.6% of participant showed positive attitude concern to HSE management system. The score for determining how managers adjust their activities with HSE related programs and plans obtained 59.89. The results demonstrated that the managers how have better knowledge about HSE management system showed better attitude and performance (P-value < 0.05). With regards to the needs for knowledge and positive attitude related to health, safety and environment (HSE) management system’s planning and activities, introducing a standard tool for measuring these criteria in an important issue in the organisation.

  • Knowledge
  • Attitude
  • Performance
  • HSE management system

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