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P110 The review of analytical back data of korean proficiency test for biological monitoring in 2016
  1. Mi-Young Lee,
  2. Chulyong Park
  1. Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute, KOSHA, Republic of Korea


Object The proficiency test program for biological monitoring was performed for 97 special health examination laboratories in 2016. The analytical back data acquired from these laboratories were evaluated to confirm that laboratories‘ proficiency in biological monitoring as well as to improve their analytical procedures or performances.

Method Back data of each laboratory were assessed by 2 referees based on 12 criteria of analytical condition, data processing, concentration set-up of standard materials and quality control samples, and issue on cheating or manipulating the data. The results were reviewed again by the manager of proficiency test to maintain the harmonisation of the assessment result.

Result The review of inorganic analysis revealed 86 labs satisfying the requirement, except 6 labs of miscalculation of the value or showing mistake of unit notation, 4 labs of improper selection of the data, and 2 labs missing information on reference sample. Among 16 labs participated in organic analysis, 7 labs needed improvement of analytical condition, calibration range, selection of data, and information of reference samples. The result was announced to each lab for further development of analytical ability. In training course for biological monitoring where most of the participants of proficiency test joined, we shared these reviews to enhance the quality of biological monitoring in occupational health field.

Conclusion Through the evaluation of analytical back data, we investigated present situation of biological sample analysis that was performed by special health examination laboratories. The data were provided for improvement of analytical condition of laboratories.

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