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S14-4 The national network for monitoring and prevention of occupational diseases (RNV3P): a complementary approach for prevention of work related diseases
  1. Mélina Le Barbier,
  2. Gérard Lasfargues
  1. ANSES – French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety, France


The National Network for Monitoring and Prevention of Occupational Diseases (RNV3P) brings together all 31 French occupational disease clinics (ODCs), as well as 9 occupational health services (OHSs) attached to the network. It records in a standardised way all the consultations carried out in the ODCs, and all the occupational health problems diagnosed by the OHSs participating in the RNV3P (demographic data on the patient, diseases, exposure, industry sector, profession, causality between disease and exposure). The data are open to the entire field of diseases suspected to be of occupational origin (regardless of medical-legal considerations of compensation). There are no inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the recruitment of cases depends on the network of doctors referring patients to the ODCs. But the data provided by the OHSs provide information on the incidence of the various work-related diseases (WRD), and complement that transmitted by the ODCs. We propose to discuss this complementary approach between ODcs and OHSs in a same network.

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