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S13-4 Challenges in assessing pesticide exposures in developing communities
  1. Saloshni Naidoo
  1. University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa


Occupational and environmental pesticide use is prevalent in several developing communities. Due to the extensive use of pesticides in environmental vector control and the informal agriculture sector exposure of individuals and communities is poorly understood and difficult to assess. Further the unregulated sale of pesticides exposes non-agricultural communities. The potential for infant and adult pesticide exposure in most developing communities exists. Assessing pesticide exposure remains a challenge despite modern advances. This presentation will draw on experiences from work in South Africa to explain pathways for pesticide exposure in developing communities and the current methods being used for assessing pesticide exposure among individuals and in communities. It will further highlight the inherent challenges researchers and health personnel face at an individual, community and a systems level in attempting to establish pesticide exposure in developing communities.

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