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S05-4 Mental health determinants at work. assessment, prevalence and interventions in latin american countries
  1. Gloria Villalobos
  1. Javeriana University, Bogota, Colombia


Psychosocial intervention strategies. A Colombian perspective.

Psychosocial intervention in the field of the workers’ health is a necessity and its development involves the combination of actions focused on both, the individual and the organisation. Colombia has been recognised among the Latin American region for issuing public policies related to the care of psychosocial factors in the workplace, as well as for the development of technical tools, of which some of the most important are the battery of tools for the psychosocial risk factors assessment, and the protocol for the determination of origin of stress-related diseases.

The most recent development is a set of guidelines for the „psychosocial intervention, which are aimed at employers and workers. Six guides were designed for the economic sectors that have higher incidence of psychosocial risk factors (Public administration, Education, Transportation, National Defense Institutions, Health and Financial sector).

Another six guidelines were carried out for the intervention of the most common effects of the psychosocial risks (Burnout, Acute stress reaction, Depression, Bereavement, Post-traumatic stress disorder and Mobbing).

Additionally, a General guideline was designed with thirty-four different intervention actions as well as the general protocol that directs the intervention process.

The design of the guidelines was supported in the scientific literature review and in the participation of different social actors (workers, employers, unions, technical agencies, representatives of institutions of Social Security and Ministry of Labour). The final phase of the process has been focused on the dissemination of guidelines and protocols through Universities and training centres for specialists in Safety and health at work, employers, public and private institutions.

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