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0258 Factors predicting nurses’ consideration of leaving job (Also to be considered for mini-symposium: Early detection and management of workers under stress)
  1. Judith Shiao1,
  2. Yuju Lee1,
  3. Jiune Jye Ho2,
  4. Pei Yi Hu2,
  5. Leon Guo3
  1. 1Department of Nursing, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei City, Taiwan
  2. 2Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Council of Labor Affairs, Taipei County, Taiwan
  3. 3Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan


Objectives Nursing manpower shortage has long been a problem in the healthcare system in Taiwan. The main cause of this problem has been nurses’ lacking of willingness to retain in job. This study aims to identify factors for nurses’ consideration of leaving their job.

Method Study participants included female nurses from a nation-wide representative sample of accredited tertiary and secondary referral hospitals, selected using stratified random sampling. To candidate participants, a structured, self-administered questionnaire was distributed, which included demographic information, description of work conditions, the Chinese Job Content Questionnaire, and the modified Chinese Copenhagen Burnout Inventory. Consideration of leaving job is defined by “having ideation of leaving job weekly or more frequent” and the estimation of not working as a nurse in two years.

Results A total of 1031 female nurses completed the questionnaire satisfactorily. Among them 16.7% considered leaving job. Personal burnout, client-related burnout, and conflict with family needs predict consideration of leaving job. While inquired what work factors were important for their making decision of leaving job, overtime work was listed number one, followed by shift work, insufficient vacation time, affected personal health, unexpected or short notice in shift arrangements, low respect at work, and salary and benefits.

Conclusions The problem of high percentage of nurses considering leaving job has been real. This problem was related to high burnout and conflicting with family needs in nurses, most likely caused by high work load and problems in work arrangements.

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