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0176 Assessment of exposure totetrachlorethylene and its clinical impact in a population of 60 employeescleaners in west Algeria
  1. Zoubida Belhadj,
  2. Badreddine Abdelkrim Kandouci,
  3. Chahrazed Kandouci,
  4. Djelloul Zergoun
  1. UDL Sidi Bel Abbes, Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria


Objectives Evaluation of the clinical impact of chronic exposure to perchlorethylene in west Algeria.

Method After protocol definition, inclusion of salaries for three pressings willayas the west Algeria (Sidi Bel Abbes, Oran and Ain Témouchent), we conducted a study papers / unexposed to evaluate the clinical symptoms with matching on age and sex.

55Data collection made by a questionnaire (one of Hogstedt). Were conducted psychometric tests.

The evaluation of occupational exposure by air sampling was carried out in two pressings using colorimetric detector tubes for spot metering (Dragger pumps). The first in any point in the space, the second opening when the window.

Results Sixty employees and 120 controls were included. 50% of employees often have fatigue at the end of work against it are more than 50% sometimes complain of fatigue at the beginning and at the workplace and irritability.

There is a significant difference between exposed and unexposed population on the presence of clinical signs except for the presence of three signs: nightmares, tingling in arms and digestive disorders.

There is a significant difference between the two populations for all the psychometric tests.

Perchlorethylene air rate upon opening of the window is greater than or equal to 100 ppm and both are higher than the limit value ACGIH 2005

Conclusions This study confirms the existence of an occupational exposure to perchlorethylene dry cleaners or employees of the questionnaire results allowed us to identify a number important information on the symptoms observed in the study population according to exposure.

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