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0099 Changes in ventilatory and haemodynamic parameters during exposure to ultrafine particles in a manufacturing farm machinery
  1. Zoubida Belhadj,
  2. Chahrazed Kandouci,
  3. Baderdine Abdelkrim Kandouci,
  4. Faiza Belmokhtar
  1. UDL Sidi Bel Abbes, Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria


Objectives To evaluate the influence of occupational exposure to ultrafine particles on cardiopulmonary parameters.

Method Changes in ventilatory and haemodynamic parameters during occupational exposure to ultrafine particles summers studied using a survey-type retrospective cohort exposed unexposed conducted in a company producing agricultural equipment for a period of five month period from January 1 to May 30, 2013 in 139 subjects, including 107 exposed men and 3 unexposed.

The survey consisted of a questionnaire (WHO), a complete physical examination with measurement of blood pressure before and after the job, a spirometer before and after the job.

Results 18.7% were presented, a type of respiratory symptoms in chronic bronchitis against only 6.3% of non-exposed with a statistically significant difference (P = . 04).

The prevalence of chronic bronchitis was significantly higher in smokers than in nonsmokers with 23.3% against 7.6% respectively. (P = . 01).

The papers have a higher incidence of lung disease than unexposed with 83.2% of restrictive lung disease after exposure in exposed against 78.1% in the unexposed.

Smokers with normal spirometry is less than non-smokers before and after exposure with the following frequencies after exposure: 12.1% in non-smokers against only 4.1% in smokers.

On haemodynamic parameters was noticed an increase in TAP (47.87 mmHg), FC (76.16 mm Hg) after exposure in exposed.

Conclusions Our results have demonstrated the harmful effects of ultrafine particles on changes in ventilatory and haemodynamic parameters.

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