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0038 Children Below 5 years of Employed Mothers Are Less Exposed to Acute Poisoning in Alexandria, Egypt
  1. Raed Alazab
  1. Alazhar University, College of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt


Objectives To identify the incidence rate and determinants of acute poisoning among children (1–60 months old) of employed mothers.

Method A study was conducted at the poisoning unit of a university hospital. The studied children were from both rural and urban areas, were a mix of boys and girls, did not suffer from any mental disabilities, were aged between 1 month old to 60 months old, and were of Egyptian nationality. Data was collected by using a clinical examination form and a questionnaire. All parents/carers of the studied children were interviewed as well. Clinical assessment of the children included: general health conditions; AVPU (alert, respond to verbal stimuli, respond to painful stimuli, unconsciousness); and clinical examinations.

Results 18.5% of total admissions were children (1–60 months old), 62.5% were males, 83.3% did not attend nursery, 79.9% were from urban areas, 33% of mothers were illiterate, and 60.2% of poisonings were due to household products. Kerosene alone was implicated in 24.3% of all cases; 37.4% of cases took place in the kitchen; 47.4% of cases were poisoned during the period between 8am and 4pm, and 65.4% reached the poisoning unit within 2 to 4 h of accidental poisoning. Risk factors among the studied children were ordered by stepwise regression analysis as the following: non employed mothers; children who did not attend nursery; children of the male gender; and the education and literacy level of their mothers.

Conclusions Children of non employed mothers are at more risk for acute poisoning.

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