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0218 Pressure pain sensitivity and stress
  1. Milan Tucek1,
  2. Soren Ballegaard2
  1. 1First Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  2. 2Ull Care, Hellerup, Denmark


Objectives During clinical observations of patients with heart diseases and stress related disorders, it has been observed increased pain sensitivity on specific locations on the skin of the sternum.

Method This sensitivity was measured as the pressure pain sensitivity (PPS) by Ull Metre instrument. Measured PPS values 60 or more indicate high PPS, values below 40 indicate low PPS.

Results There are presented results of PPS measurements in 371 men (av. age 43.6 + 10.4 years, 19–66 years); 345 of them were without diagnosis of disease. Average PPS values (whole group) were 36.6 + 9.5 (1. measurement) and 36.7 + 8.5 (2. measurement) (r = 0.89). Road drivers (177 men, PPS values 35.7 + 9.4, resp. 36.4 + 10.9) were not significantly different against other occupations (194 men, PPS values 36.5 + 9.5, resp. 37.8 + 11.4). Men with neuropsychological disorders were statistically significantly different against asymptomatic men (PPS values 50.8 + 14.8, resp. 67.3 + 11.4 vs. 38.8 + 13.3, resp. 35.5 + 5.9, p = 0.002, resp. less than 0.001) and also against men with different diagnosis (PPS values 50.8 + 14.8, resp. 67.3 + 11.4 vs. 38.8 + 13.3, resp. 43.4 + 19.7, p = 0.015, resp. 0.001). Men with other than neuropsychological symptoms doesn't differ significantly in PPS values against asymptomatic men.

Conclusions Method of measurement of PPS could be helpful in medical fitness assessment to work in safety related occupations and is useful for health promotion intervention program. Supported by research project of Charles University in Prague PRVOUK P25/LF1/2.

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