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0303 Conditions of return to work of nurses after maternity leave
  1. Eduardo Sá,
  2. Renata Razaboni,
  3. Marcela Braga,
  4. Flávio Gosling,
  5. Marcelo Pustiglione
  1. Faculdade de Medicina Da Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


Objectives Currently, countries like France, Spain, Italy, United States and Brazil there was an increase in the proportion of workers aged between 25–45 years, a period considered fertile. This scenario has determined that many workers had to choose between career and motherhood. The aim is to analyse the amount of Brazilian nursing professionals, in the period from January, 2012 to July 2013, returned to work after maternity leave.

Method Was performed a literature review at Pub Med and BIREME. There was a review of the medical records of nursing professionals met at a public university hospital of São PAulo, Brazil, from January 2012 to July 2013.

Results Returned to work after maternity leave: 80% (57) of nursing assistants, 70% (16) of the nursing staff and 94.6% (53) of nurses. Among the layoffs, 62.5% (15) occurred within the first 3 months, and only 18.75% (3) in the first six and nine months after maternity leave.

Conclusions It is possible to conclude that the nursing professional return to work after maternity leave quality requires investment in health policies that promote greater social and labour support.

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