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Poster-discussion: Radiation
Morbidity study of French nuclear workers from Areva NC
  1. Hélène Baysson1,
  2. Sylvaine Caer-Lorho1,
  3. Sophie Jacob1,
  4. Alain Acker2,
  5. Bernard Auriol2,
  6. Dominique Laurier1
  1. 1IRSN, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France
  2. 2AREVA NC, Paris, France


Objectives To conduct a morbidity study among all French AREVA NC workers.

Methods The study is based largely on data collected from Occupational Medicine services of AREVA NC using the software called “Chimed” implemented since 1994. For each worker, all incident health events, as well as administrative data, were registered in the Chimed database, during medical visits with an occupational physician. Standardised incidence rates were calculated for major categories of diseases.

Results The morbidity study of French nuclear workers is currently carried out in 5 specific sites in France: Ile-de-France, Pierrelatte, Malvési, Marcoule and La Hague, using the same protocol. Data regarding Ile de France (1710 workers), Pierrelatte (4540 workers) and Malvési (378 workers) have already been analysed. Except for Ile-de-France, most workers were men and technician workers. Traumatic diseases were the most frequently reported diseases for the site of Pierrelatte and diseases of the musculoskeletal system were the most frequently reported for the site of Ile-de-France and for the site of Malvési l.

Conclusions In contrast with mortality, morbidity studies in occupational health are scarce in France. The Chimed database provides an overview of the health status of the AREVA-NC workers. In order to increase the statistical power of the study, a joint analysis of our site-specific data, will be undertaken. Besides, medical data will be linked to exposure data, giving the possibility to conduct analytical studies on morbidity and exposure among nuclear workers. Variation factors on the incidence of major diagnosed diseases will be also further investigated.

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