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Poster-discussion: Occupational health services
A process evaluation of a vitality intervention among older hospital workers
  1. Jorien Strijk,
  2. Karin Proper,
  3. Willem van Mechelen,
  4. Allard van der Beek
  1. VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Objectives Evaluating the process of a vitality intervention, consisting of a vigorous physical activity component and a yoga programme, among older workers.

Methods This process evaluation was part of a RCT among 730 workers aged ≥45 years from two academic hospitals. 367 workers were randomised into the intervention group and received a 6-months intervention consisting of a Vitality Exercise Programme (VEP) combined with three visits to a Personal Vitality Coach (PVC), aimed at goal setting, feedback, and problem solving. The VEP consisted of a guided yoga and workout session, and aerobic exercising without direct face-to-face instruction, all once a week. To gain insight into the context, dose delivered, fidelity, reach, dose received, and participants' attitude, data was collected by means of questionnaire, VEP attendance registration forms, and coaching registration forms.

Results The reach of the yoga sessions, workout sessions and PVC visits was 70.6%, 63.8%, and 89.6%, respectively. There were substantial differences between the two locations. The dose received for yoga was 10.4 and for the workout 11.1 sessions. Attendance rates for yoga and workout sessions were 51.7% and 44.8%. This rate differed between the locations for yoga (63.2% vs 46.5%). Workers attended on average 2.7 PVC visits. Overall, workers were satisfied with the intervention components and rated the sessions as following: 7.5 for yoga, 7.8 for workout sessions, and 6.9 for PVC visits.

Conclusions Workers were willing to attend the guided group sessions and the PVC visits, although there were differences between the locations. Overall, workers were positive about the intervention.

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