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OEM’s impact factor continues moving upward
  1. Dana Loomis
  1. Correspondence to Dana Loomis, School of Public Health - 274, Reno, NV 89557-0274, USA; dploomis{at}

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OEM’s journal impact factor (IF) has continued its upward trend and now stands at 3.302 for 2008. This is the highest IF the Journal has ever had and it caps 5 straight years of steady progress, giving an overall rise of 79% relative to 2003. OEM has also moved up substantially within its category of 105 journals covering public, environmental and occupational health and is now ranked 16th in this group – the only occupational health journal among the top 20.

We reported last year that OEM’s increasing IF was based on an increase in the average number of citations per published paper1 …

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