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Air pollution research databases
  1. MRC Institute for Environment and Health, University of Leicester, 94 Regent Road, Leicester LE1 7DD, UK
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I write to inform your readers that the MRC Institute for Environment and Health is compiling two databases on research in air pollution (including indoor air pollution). These databases are designed to provide funding bodies and policy makers with an up to date source of information which they may use to:

  • Identify people and groups with expertise in particular aspects of air pollution research

  • Obtain information on current topics of air pollution research

  • Identify gaps in research on air pollution

  • Identify new advances in the air pollution field

  • Assist in the prioritisation of future research on air pollution.

We encourage all researchers in the field to submit information on their work for inclusion in either or both these databases:

  • The air pollution research database (APRED). This will hold data on research into indoor and outdoor air pollution within the United Kingdom. Its particular focus is on the individual researchers, their expertise and areas of interest. It is being prepared on behalf of the United Kingdom Department of Health and the Department of the Environment, Transport, and Regions.

  • The CEFIC database. This will hold data on research being done on indoor air pollution in Europe, including the United Kingdom. Its primary intention is to identify all current research projects in the area. It is being prepared on behalf of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC).

During development the databases will be held within the Institute, but in due course they will be made available through an internet website, in a searchable format.

The Institute is currently in the process of identifying the names and contact details of researchers in the United Kingdom so that they may be sent a questionnaire seeking certain information to enter onto the databases—for example, details about their research, project abstracts, research interests of each person, and details about their organisation.

All interested people should please go to the website address: which gives a brief outline of the projects, and describes how to obtain a questionnaire and more information on the databases.

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